The Street Department has a full time staff of 5 and part time seasonal employees who are responsible for maintaining ____ miles of city streets, which includes:

Sweeping, Patching, Managing of Paving Projects (when applicable), Snow and Ice Control, and Vegetation Control; Maintenance of City Parks, Street Signage, Traffic Light Maintenance, City Parking Lots; Maintenance and Repair of City Street Department Vehicles.

Street light outages will be reported to the power company when request is received by this office. To reach the Street Department call 740-423-4464.


Storm Water Runoff … occurs during rainfall events or snow melt , causing 1000s of gallons of storm water to enter the City of  Belpre ’s  storm drain system. The  storm drain system is made up of catch basins, pipes, ditches, and small streams in route to one of  the following named streams:  Ohio River;  Congress Run, or  Davis Creek .

Along the way … the runoff has a  potential of  becoming  polluted when passing over lawns, construction sites, and impervious areas such as streets, sidewalks, and  parking lots.  When passing over these surfaces, storm water can become polluted from trash, leaked automotive fluids, pet waste, lawn debris, and soil.  And, since storm water is untreated, it has a potential to pass this pollution to our streams and rivers, where it can adversely affect aquatic life, and can potentially affect drinking water supplies.

For more information contact: Kathy Davis, Washington County Soil and Water District at: 740-885-3312 direct,740-885-3325 office, 740-373-4857, USDA Service Center > enter 3 for the SWCD office > enter 3312 for my direct line

More useful information provided in this link! Preventing Storm Water Pollution

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The City of Belpre maintains a full time staff of 3 in its Water Department along with Public Works Superintendent (PWS) Mike Betz located at the Belpre Water Department at 906 Florence Street. The City of Belpre Public Water System receives its drinking water from groundwater supplied by wells. The Belpre well system is fed by the Ohio River Valley aquifer which supplies water to the Ohio River. The City of Belpre Public Water System produces an average 1 million gallons per day of quality drinking water.

The EPA requires regular sampling to ensure drinking water safety. This report is a requirement of the EPA to ensure that the results of all testing required by the EPA which return a positive result are available to all our customers. The City of Belpre Public Water System conducted sampling for chlorine residual, fluoride residual, bacterial, inorganic, and volatile organic and synthetic organic contaminants during 2013. Samples were collected for more than twenty different contaminants. The Ohio EPA requires us to monitor for some contaminants less than once per year because the concentrations of these contaminants do not change frequently. Because of monitoring requirements, some of our data, though accurate, may be more than one year old.

The Ohio EPA completed a Source Water Assessment for the City of Belpre in August 2002

The Water Department reads residential, commercial, and industrial meters. The readings are then forwarded to the finance office for billing.

The Water Department also:

  • Turns on and turns off water service as per customer request
  • Checks meter readings for billing
  • Replace broken or stopped meters
  • Turns off delinquent bills for the finance office
  • Addresses customer complaints as determined by Public Works Superintendent
  • Maintains and replaces water and wastewater lines in the Belpre City limits

To contact the Water Department or Denzil Ray call 740-423-9947 or 740-525-0393


The City of Belpre Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is staffed by 5 licensed operators and is supervised by Denzil Ray. The Belpre Wastewater system serves the City of Belpre and extends north along State Route 7 to Township Road 1304, Clement Avenue north of State Route 7 to Congress Road, and west along State Route 618 to Kraton. The Belpre Wastewater System also receives flow from the Barlow-Vincent Sewer system which serves parts of western Washington County.

Nine lift stations and approximately fifty miles of 8 to 24 inch diameter piping comprise the Belpre Wastewater Collection System, delivering domestic sewage to the Belpre Wastewater Plant.

The Belpre Wastewater Plant was originally built in 1964 as a primary treatment plant. In 1980, the WWTP was renovated as an Activated Sludge wastewater plant. Plant equipment has since been upgraded and improved to include a climbing bar screen, grit removal, primary clarification, aeration tanks, secondary clarification, chlorination and de-chlorination. Further processing of waste material is accomplished by anaerobic and aerobic digesters, reusing methane gas generated by the Wastewater Plant.

The Belpre Wastewater Treatment Plant continues to ensure that the biological purification process enhances the statewide clean water goals. The facility excels and is committed to protecting the environment. To contact the WWTP call 740-423-9941.