Over the past few months your officials have been very busy trying to make our city the best it can be. Belpre City Council and the Service Director purchased a new street sweeper to better remove the dust and debris that collects along our curbs. The street department and parks personnel have done a wonderful job keeping our parks and right-aways groomed over the summer months. The water department works continually to not only repair leaks and bad water lines but, they also make sure that the city fire hydrants are in working order. Now the winter months are approaching and you will see them clearing the snow and ice to make our travels safe.
In November, we completed the Safe Routes to Schools Grant that will provide safe sidewalks and crossings for our students that decide to walk or bike to school. In all, we have asked for over 3500 feet of new walks around the Elementary School area as well as our eastern campus. The extended turning lanes at Braun and Farson Streets goes to bid in July of 2011. These improvements hopefully will save lives and injuries at these locations. On Farson street we will have a new hospital facility by this time next year. Marietta Memorial and the PM Company are erecting a 50,000 square foot building that will house the Strecker Cancer center as well as urgent care for this area. More businesses and services are planned in the near future at this site. As we enter into this building and planning phase I ask for your patience as Farson Street becomes three lanes and the intersections are improved. Caution must be taken each and every time we enter these areas. Patience will be easy when we think of what we are gaining at the completion of all this work.