Two Osprey platforms were installing in Civitan Park on March 14th, 2014 as a joint project between the City of Belpre, Belpre Elementary School, and the volunteers of the Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Committee (WHEC) at DuPont Washington Works.  This is another step in bringing Ospreys back to MOV that was started with an Osprey hacking project between WHEC and the WV DNR in the years 1989-1995.  Ospreys had disappeared from the MOV due to the impact of DDT.  This latest step is intended to bring these majestic birds into a location where the public can enjoy them.

Mrs. Hartland’s 5th Grade Science classes are partnering with WHEC to be the monitors of these nesting sites and to record their observations.  The 5th graders have already had one interactive class with WHEC volunteers to learn about Ospreys, their history in the MOV, their habitat, and the activities that they are likely to observe.  That classroom activity and future activities are intended to develop STEM learning opportunities, writing, and art development.

The students are anxious for the birds to arrive.  Hopefully the public will also catch their enthusiasm in observing the Osprey nesting sites in Civitan Park.