May 10, 2010

The Regular Meeting of the Council of the City of Belpre, Ohio was called to order by Council President Mr. Neff at 7:30 p.m. with Mr. Neff welcoming everyone to this evening’s meeting. The roll was called with the following members present: Ms. Abdella, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Boso, Mr. Martin, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Sinnett. Also present were Mayor Lorentz, Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson, City Auditor Miss Pittenger, City Law Director Mr. Webster, Treasurer Mr. McAfee and Clerk of Council Mrs. Meredith. Absent from the meeting was Mrs. Marshall.

At this time Mr. Neff asked that everyone please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Sinnett made a motion to accept the minutes of April 26, 2010 as presented and dispense with the reading. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Reports of City Officials

Mayor Lorentz reported that on Wednesday April 28th and 29th I met with the United Way Officers to interview and explain what the future funding was to be used for. The United Way programs submitted the Recreation Commission and the Senior Center. Thanks to Susie Casto and Mr. Ferguson for their attendance and input for the process.

On Wednesday April 28th the Belpre Tree Commission traveled to Athens so to receive our Tree City USA Award for 14 consecutive years. On Friday April 30th we planted a Weeping Willow tree on the lower end of Civitan to commemorate Arbor Day. Thank you city employees for digging the hole.

On Friday I turned in the grant proposal to Buckeye Hills for year 2011 CDBG, to further work toward beautifying our city I measured and proposed some 1700 feet of sidewalks throughout the city. This along with the curb cuts we planned for this year will surely make it easier for the walkers and the handicaps that enjoy the outdoors.

On Sunday I was asked to join in the opening day ceremonies for ICE. This is a group of youngsters that are impaired in some way and cannot participate in Little League I.C.E. is I Can Excel.

Monday May 3rd was the day for the throat change in the meter for the county. Due to weather and the amount of me & me it was cancelled and rescheduled for the 13th.

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer with the observance held at Washington County Court House. Many people showed up for a moving ceremony hosted by our own Marian Duvall.

On Thursday I also picked up allocations for youth employment through Jobs and Family Services. This program is totally funded this year for youth 16 to 24 years old. Mr. Ferguson and I have agreed that we could utilize at least 6 for the summer park and grounds maintenance. Belpre will pay upfront with JAFA reimbursing the city.

The Upward Bound students invited me to the TRIO Luncheon on Tuesday for their Awards Ceremony. This group is made up of students that are the first generation to attend college in their family.

Mr. Ferguson, Chief Clevenger, Becky Davis and I conducted interviews on Friday for the new dispatcher. We decided to include Ms. Davis as the current group of dispatchers will have more to do with work development than any of the administration. Thank you to Becky for agreeing to assist.

This week the Clerk’s Office will be busy setting up the new court program. We will go live on the 19th of this month.

Council, on your desk you will find the report from Mayor’s Court. If you have no objection I will provide you the financials at the end of each quarter to save paper and manpower. If you want a copy it can be provided individually.

Upcoming Events you many want to attend:

Tuesday Night – Chicken and noodle dinner at the Sr. Center

Thursday at noon – Quarterly Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at Rockland Church

Relay for Life kicks off this Friday night.

Mr. Neff announced that today is the first day of National Police Safety Week.

Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson thanked Miss Pittenger for all her efforts that she put in preparing the grant for the United Way.

In this month’s issue of Cities and Villages there is a very good article regarding texting while driving.

I reviewed Ordinance 20, 2008-2009 regarding the number of fire fighters on the department. It talks about 36 fire-fighters.

I have with me tonight a copy of the aerial view of the RC Racing location. I have also been measuring the property from the metal stakes.

This Saturday we will begin painting the fence around the tennis court at Civitan Park. This is all part of an Eagle Scout Project. If anyone is interested in helping the start time is 8:00 a.m.

We will be getting pre bid specs from our Major Trash Companies. The three major companies have been contacted. There will be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the pre bid specs.

Outside wood burning stoves has recently been a topic of discussion. I have been asked by one person if this is allowed within the city. It does put out a lot of smoke. I would ask council to take a look at this to see whether or not we should allow this in the city.

I met with the owner of a local establishment on Main Street regarding a noise problem. The decimal reading was 76 making the local establishment in compliance.

City Auditor Miss Pittenger announced that this year we collected $516,204 in city income tax as of April 30, 2010. In 2009 we collected $589,939 in city income tax as of April 30, 2009. We have a difference of $73,734 which includes four pages of delinquency on taxes that we will become more aggressive on.

Interviews have been completed. We have contacted two people to come back for the second interview. Selections hopefully will be made by the next council meeting.

Each member of council should have received a Direct Deposit Authorization form that needs to be completed and returned no later then May 20, 2010. This is mandatory and will save the city $1,000 a month.

City Law Director announced that we had a request from the auditor regarding a letter that she had received about having exempt status for a couple parts of real estate. The exemption was denied because the second half of 2009 Real Estate Taxes was not paid. We will have to pay in order to receive our exempt status.

We do continue working on the map for the Radio Control Vehicles. In my days of surveying and creating a legal description we must find a starting point. Mr. Ferguson has worked very hard on this.

I would like to thank Mayor Lorentz for attending opening day for the Jr. Baseball/Softball teams. The Mayor graciously threw in the first pitch of the season.

On Sunday’s at 1:00 p.m. Civitan Park, Julie Myers has started an I.C.E Program. I.C.E. stands for I Can Excel. This program is becoming regionally known. It truly is a heart warming program.

Treasurer Mr. McAfee announced that a copy of the Treasurer’s Report was distributed prior to this evening meeting and is now awaiting approval. Ms. Abdella made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Communications and Petitions

Mr. Neff announced that he received the following correspondence:

Three pieces of correspondence:

1. Letter regarding litigation.

2. Letter regarding the final agreement of the county sewer lines.

3. Letter regarding an apology from the city prosecutor.

Everyone should have received the May 2010 Senior Center Calendar.

Last but not least I was approached by two elderly ladies and they expressed how they liked the way things were going at the Senior Center.

Report of Standing Committee:

Finance/Audit Committee – Ms. Abdella had no report however she asked when the resurfacing of the tennis courts would take place. According to the administration it should take place the following week after the fence painting.

Mr. Baker, Police and Fire Committee had no report but stated that there would be a second reading on AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.

Mrs. Marshall, Streets, Sidewalks and Storm Sewers were absent. No report was given in her absence.

Mr. Robinson reported that the Utilities Committee met at 7:00 p.m. this evening for the purpose of discussing AN ORDINANCE REGARDING GARBAGE AND RUBBISH COLLECTION PROCEDURES. It was the decision of the committee to hold another meeting on May 24, 2010 to finalize wording.

Mr. Martin Parks and Recreation Committee had no report. Mr. Martin commented that NASA could do an aerial shot of the RC Racing property since it is so critical. Last Sunday Ms. Abdella was at the Gazebo and was cleaning up the double sided tape at the Gazebo. Is there an agreement that they are to put it back as it was found? Mayor Lorentz is to check about it.

Mrs. Boso had no report for Planning and Zoning Committee.

Mrs. Boso had no report for the Economic Development.

Mr. Sinnett had no report for the Rules Committee. Mr. Sinnett reminded everyone of the Health Fair at Fruth Pharmacy on May 22, 2010. Mr. Sinnett stated that he was down at the park and wanted to express what a great job they have done.

Persons Appearing Before Council – Agenda Items Only: none

Unfinished Business:

Mr. Baker brought before council for second reading AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. Chief Clevenger stated that he would approve anything that will make the city a safer place. Mr. McCauley and Mr. Martin also commented on the topic. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye. This will lie over until the next meeting of council.

Mr. Robinson brought before council for second reading AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 1313.52 (A) (E) OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BELPRE AS TO STORM WATER. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye. This will lie over until the next meeting of council

New Business: None

Persons Appearing Before Council:

Mr. Martin made a motion to excuse Mrs. Marshall from this evenings meeting. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Neff reminded everyone of the 19th Annual Belpre City Golf Outing to be held on September 1, 2010. Due to sponsorship it may be scaled down.

Erica Bennecamper 816 George Street, Belpre invited members of council to a luncheon. She informed council of some upcoming events that will be taking place at the chamber.


Mr. Robinson moved to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

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Will Neff, President of Council Kimberly S. Meredith, Clerk of Council