Leslie, Eric & Kim - the Blue Team

Four of the employees of the City of Belpre participated in the Belpre 6th Grade Career FairĀ held Friday June 4th. Prior to the fair the students completed an aptitude survey that helped them identify types of jobs that might best match their talents, interests, and personalities. The students then visited three panels composed of three people involved in careers that were “clustered” by the survey.

Participating on the “BLUE GROUP”; Kim Martin, Dispatcher for the City of Belpre Police Department, Leslie Pittenger, Auditor for the City of Belpre and a pharmacy student from the University of Charleston who is currently doing an internship at the Belpre Kroger. The “Blue” people are dependable, cooperative, and loyal and prefer to live within the guidelines of rules and regulations. They excel at accomplishing carefully laid out tasking in predictable environments.

Tom, Ernie & Yancy - the Purple Team

Participating in the ” PURPLE GROUP”; Tom Webster, Esq., Lawyer for the City of Belpre and a partner in McCauley, Webster & Emrick, Chief Ernie Clevenger, Belpre Police Department and Chef Yancy Roush, owner Yancy’s Catering. the “Purple” people are self-confident and outspoken. They are energetic and competitive with a strong need for accomplishment.