The Regular Meeting of the Council of the City of Belpre, Ohio was called to order by Council President Mr. Neff at 7:30 p.m. with Mr. Neff welcoming everyone to this evening’s meeting.  The roll was called with the following members present: Ms. Abdella, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Martin, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Sinnett present.  Also present were Mayor Lorentz, Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson, City Law Director Mr. Webster, Treasurer Mr. McAfee, and Clerk of Council Mrs. Meredith.  Absent from the meeting was City Auditor Miss Pittenger and Council person Mrs. Boso.

At this time Mr. Neff asked that everyone please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Sinnett made a motion to accept the minutes of April 10, 2011 as presented and by-pass the reading.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Reports of City Officials

Mayor Lorentz reported that on the 12th I met with the Commissioners and the Port Authority to look over the Matheny property just west of town.  The owners of this land would like to sell and hopefully contribute to the economic development of this area.

On the 13th I traveled to Harrisville for the monthly Mayor’s Association meeting.  The McAfee’s and the Ferguson’s also went with my wife and me.

The Mayor’s Partnership meeting on the 13th was very interesting.  Our guest speaker was Randy Cole.  Randy is the Controlling Board President and policy Advisor for the Ohio Office of Budget and Management.  This presentation was so matter of fact that we all felt our voices or concerns were unimportant if not ignored.  Our next meeting will be in Belpre and I have invited people from the Municipal League to answer some of our concerns.

This past Tuesday was the 2nd court in a row that had 90 or more violations to be heard.  Mr. Webster does a fine job in keeping them moving through.

April 20th was the Tree City USA Awards presentation in Shawnee, Ohio.  Bill McAfee, Jon Newberry, Dave Ferguson, my wife and I attended.  Shawnee is a very interesting little community.  With only 566 residents they are attempting to restore their city and bring it back to life.  They are in the process of raising 1.2 million dollars to accomplish this revitalization effort.

Hopefully you have noticed the sidewalk project has started.  Sidewalks at Victor Street, West are complete.  The repair near BAM is underway. The biggest improvement will be when they complete the 775 ft on Maple Street.

My wife and I attended the Community Good Friday Church Service on the 22nd and also attended the city wide Easter egg Hunt at Civitan Park on Saturday.  Thanks to Alex Lowe and family for their efforts with this event for our youth.

If you see a group replacing seat boards on Civitan bleachers, be sure to thank them.  They are all volunteers from Rockland Church.

Be aware that I will be out of the office most of the day Wednesday, and Thursday for appointments with our state rep and city businesses.  I will have my cell and can return your calls if necessary.

Council I am recommending Matt Lamp as a new volunteer fireman for the City of Belpre.

Please make sure that everyone knows Farson Street at the Four Lane intersection will be closed on May 4th from 5pm until 10pm for sewer cleaning and maintenance.  Notices have been sent to all businesses in the area and it has been in the local papers.

Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson reported that on April 12th I attended a Comp Management Meeting in Cambridge.  If anyone is interested in anything I learned I would be happy to share.  There was a lot of information about part time employees.

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 from 5-10 pm., the City of Belpre will close the intersection of Farson Street and State Route 7/US 50 to allow cleaning and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system serving Farson Street.  Please notify your employees, customers, and patrons of this pending road closure.

May 1st is approaching.  This is a reminder that all grass must be cut.

Everyone should have a copy of the 2010 Annual Report from the O’Neill Center on your desk this evening.  There is a lot of interesting information in the pamphlet.  Our Law Director Mr. Webster is Chairman of the Sr. Levy. Also before you is a handout of the number of clients that the Belpre Sr. Center and the O’Neill Center has supported in the first three months of 2011.

Medicine Take Back Day is April 30th from 10-2 at the Belpre Sr. Center.

Tonight is the third reading of the Burn Ordinance.  Before you tonight is a handout from the Ohio EPA titled Before You Light it… Know Ohio’s Open Burning Regulations.  There is a lot of good information regarding this ordinance.

City Law Director Mr. Webster announced that there was a hearing held regarding the burnt property on Florence Street.  The judge will make a decision regarding the burn site itself.  As soon as we hear something we will let you know.

City Auditor was absent.  Mr. McAfee reported that Miss Pittenger had another meeting this evening and asked that I present her report.  Since the last meeting the Independent Public Accounting firm (IPA) of Julian & Grube, Inc. has begun the 2010 State Audit.  They are very through and have been helpful in pointing out additional ways to make the accounting process more efficient and within the State guidelines.

Applications for financial assistance for Pool passes and swimming lessons will be available at the City Building beginning Monday May 2, 2011.  Grant money is available through the United Way Alliance and the Marietta YMCA for those who qualify using Federal Poverty guidelines.  Assistance will be given on a first come, first serve basis until all funds are disbursed.  We were able to assist 20 families’ w/passes and 22 children were funded 100% for swimming lessons.

Treasurer Mr. McAfee reported that a copy of the March Treasurer’s Report is before you tonight and is awaiting council approval.  The clerk has received a signed copy.  Ms. Abdella made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Communications and Petitions: none

Report of Standing Committee:

Ms. Abdella had no report for the Finance/Audit Committee.

Mr. Baker, Police and Fire Committee had no report for his committee.

Mrs. Marshall had no report for Streets, Sidewalks and Storm Sewers.

Mr. Robinson had no report for the Utilities Committee.

Mr. Martin, Parks and Recreation Committee reported that we did buy the mower.

Mrs. Boso was absent.  No report was given for Planning and Zoning Committee.

Mrs. Boso was absent.  No report was given for Economic Development Committee.

Mr. Sinnett, Rules Committee had no report.

Persons Appearing Before Council – Agenda items only. None

Unfinished Business:

Mr. Sinnett brought before council for third reading AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING OPEN BURNING REGULATIONS WITHIN THE CITY OF BELPRE, OHIO. Discussion followed.  Mr. Robinson stated that he has had several complaints from the Citizens of Belpre regarding this issue.  Mr. Sinnett stated that he spoke to Lisa Duvall regarding burning within the city.  She stated that burning is allowed with certain stipulations – seasoned wood.  There is a pamphlet from the EPA that is available for review.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Sinnett moved this be Ordinance 26, 2010-2011 and duly passed.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Baker brought before council for third reading A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND THE CHIEF OF POLICE TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY FOR THE CARE AND SUSTENANCE OF PRISONERS. Mr. Martin gave a point of clarification. A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Baker moved this be Resolution 34, 2010-2011 and duly passed.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

New Business: none

Persons Appearing Before Council: none

Mrs. Marshall made a motion to accept Matthew Lamp to the Belpre Volunteer Fire Department.  Mr. Sinnett stated that everyone taken into the Fire Department is on six month probation.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Ms. Abdella made a motion to excuse Mrs. Boso from this evening’s meeting.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Neff went over the Committee Referral List.

Mr. Robinson asked if the siren in the park is used for any type of an Alert System for severe weather conditions.  Mr. Neff stated we do however there was some question about it.  Mr. Ferguson stated that the siren in the park was supposed to be for a chemical alert.  This will be looked into.


A motion was made by Mr. Robinson to adjourn.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.