The Regular Meeting of the Council of the City ofBelpre,Ohiowas called to order by Council President Mr. Neff at7:30 p.m.with Mr. Neff welcoming everyone to this evening’s meeting.  The roll was called with the following members present: Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Martin, Mr. Newberry, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Wallace present.   Also present were Mayor Lorentz, Safety-Service Director, Mr. Ferguson, City Auditor Miss Pittenger, City Law Director Mr. Webster, Treasurer Mr. McAfee and Clerk of Council Mrs. Meredith. Absent from theNovember 25, 2013meeting was Council persons Ms. Abdella and Mr. Sinnett.

At this time, Mr. Neff asked that everyone please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.  The invocation was given by Treasurer Mr. McAfee.

A motion was made by Mrs. Marshall to accept the minutes ofNovember 11, 2013as presented and by-pass the reading.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Reports of City Officials

Mayor Lorentz reported that our negotiations with the AFSCME Union are complete.  Our employees voted on the contract changes Tuesday the 19th.  If you like we can discuss the changes tonight in an executive session.

My Mayor’s Court Training is complete for another year.  This year was interesting with all the changes and legislation being discussed.  Not all of the things being discussed are to our benefit.

November 16th I was invited to meet with Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Fitzgerald.  On Monday I met with Senator Lou Gentile to announce his support for Jennifer Garrison as she is a local candidate for Congress.

Wednesday November 27th we start planting 75 American chestnut trees at the Memorial Park offMain Street.  If you are looking for something to do, please volunteer to assist us in the AM,

The Auditor and I met today inAthenswith a host of state representatives and local Mayor’s to take part in a news release stating our displeasure and opposition to HB5.  This bill will not only unify the income tax forms but is also the first step in the state controlling our local income tax. 

Saturday November 30th is the Holiday Lights Parade.  Make sure to mark your calendar and sign up to work the gingerbread house over the holidays.  This group works very hard to provide this attraction and could use your help.  Another date to remember is December 9th as it is Government Day here at city hall for our Jr. Class.

We have taken delivery or our new patrol car for the police department.  It will be marked and equipped this week then assigned appropriately.

At our last meeting everyone was aware of an armed robbery just taking place in our city.  By the time we returned home the officers of our department with assistance from The Sheriff’s Department had the people in custody.  At this time, I would like to introduce these officers and present them a Distinguished Service Award from our city and my office.  Those recognized were Lieutenant Rhodes, Sgt. McLeish, Deputy Augestine, and Deputy Buragard.  Also recognized were Patrolmen Jobes, Patrolmen Kirby, Patrolmen Nichols, Patrolmen Greathouse, Sgt Fields and Sgt Stump.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and safe travels as we start the long weekend and holiday season.

Safety Service Director Mr. Ferguson thanked the Sheriff Department and the Belpre Police Officers for apprehending the armed robber within two hours of the robbery.

Negotiations with the AFSCME Union contract are complete.  We have been reviewing the changes to the AFSCME Contract.

Mr. Neff asked about the Executive Summary of the Agreement.  Mayor Lorentz stated that they did not have a copy of that yet.  Mr. Neff asked that it be emailed to him once they receive a copy.

City Auditor Miss Pittenger reported that in the November/December 2013 edition of the American Gardener Magazine there was a page dedicated to the City of Belpre for America in Bloom Community Involvement Award.  A copy has been placed on your desk.  Also the Utility Adjustment Report for the Month of October is on your desk awaiting council approval.  At this time Mr. Newberry made a motion to accept the Adjustment Report as presented.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

City Law Director Mr. Webster announced that he would be out of town the next meeting of council.  The City Prosecutor will be the Acting Law Director for Student Government Night.

Treasurer Mr. McAfee reported that the October Treasurer’s Report is before you this evening and is awaiting council approval.  At this time, Mrs. Marshall made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Communications and Petitions:  

Mr. Neff announced that he had received two pieces of correspondence.  One was the Permit Renewal Objections from the Department of Commerce – Division of Liquor control that expires on February 1, 2014and the other was a letter from the IRS– Discrepancy between Form 941 and Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement for 2010 that I have referred to the Law Director.  I am in the process of forming the Committee Assignments for the new council.  If you have any input please let me know by next week.  Wednesday, January 1, 2014is the Swearing in of City Officials at 10 AM.  Reminder that December 9th is Student Government Day.  If you can’t come that morning try to come for lunch at theSeniorCenter atnoon.  I would like each member of council to write a brief synopsis of what has transpired within the past year.  I would also like a motion from council to cancel the second meeting in December.  Mr. Robinson made a motion to cancel the second meeting in December.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Report of Standing Committee:

Ms. Abdella, Finance Audit Committee was absent.  No report given.

Mr. Wallace, Police and Fire Committee had no report.

Mr. Sinnett was absent.  No report was given for Streets, Sidewalks & Storm Sewer Committee.

Mr. Robinson had no report for the Utilities Committee.

Mr. Martin, Parks and Recreation Committee had no report.

Mrs. Marshall, Planning and Zoning Committee had no report.

Mrs. Marshall, Economic Development Committee had no report.

Mr. Newberry had no report for the Rules Committee.  Mr. Newberry announced that he attended lunch at theSeniorCenter.  There was a full house for lunch.  I also attend a Scout Meeting and the troop is thriving.

Persons Appearing Before Council – Agenda items only. None

Unfinished Business:

Mr. Martin brought before council for third reading TEMPORARY APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE FOR CALENDAR AND FISCAL YEAR 2014.  Miss Pittenger asked that we hold this piece of legislation until the next meeting so that we have something for the students to work with.  Mr. Martin withdrew the motion.

New Business: none

Persons Appearing Before Council:  none

Mrs. Marshall made a motion to excuse Ms. Abdella and Mr. Sinnett from this evenings meeting.  Ms. Abdella is sick and Mr. Sinnett is working a twelve hour shift.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Neff recognized those in uniform and spoke briefly how they handle different situations.

Mr. Neff wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  We are supposed to have some inclement weather coming so please be safe.

Members of council thanked the Sheriff’s Department and Belpre Police Department for their quick response for hard work and dedication.


Mr. Robinson made a motion to adjourn at8:00PM.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.