The Regular Meeting of the Council of the City of Belpre, Ohio was called to order by Council President Mr. Neff at 7:30 p.m. with Mr. Neff welcoming everyone to this evening’s meeting.  The roll was called with the following members present:  Ms. Abdella, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Boso, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Sinnett present.  Also present were Mayor Lorentz, Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson, City Auditor Miss Pittenger, City Law Director Mr. Webster, Treasurer Mr. McAfee and Clerk of Council Mrs. Meredith. Absent from the meeting was Councilman Robinson.

At this time Mr. Neff asked that everyone please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mrs. Marshall made a motion to accept the minutes of October 11, 2010 as presented and by-pass the reading.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Reports of City Officials


Mayor Lorentz announced that on Wednesday October 13th Ted Williams, Commissioner Weber and I made a presentation to the Rotary Club of Belpre explaining the necessity for the renewal levy for the Washington County Home.  Later the same evening Mr. Weber and Mr. Williams made the same presentation to the Lion’s Club.

On Thursday morning Mr. Ferguson and I were invited to the high school to assist and view the new outdoor area provided by different classes at the school.  These young people have done a very good job and have added an area that many can benefit from for years to come.  Jon Neff from Bob’s Market provided a lot of materials and much needed guidance while landscaping.

On Friday the 15th I attended a business breakfast sponsored by Camden Clark Hospital at the Chamber.  The Chamber seems to be growing and the new faces around the table are seemed determined to make a difference in our area.

Saturday the 16th we celebrated Heritage Day in Belpre.  I was invited to speak during the opening.  If you have not visited the Museum recently I challenge you to do so.  The Historical Society has done a wonderful job recreating our history in a small place.

Wednesday October 20th I met with the Governor’s Office of Appalachia and a local businessman to discuss future business growth in Belpre.  We were joined by ODOT representatives, the Port Authority, and Commissioner Marshall.

Thanks to members of the Tree Committee we manage to get most of the trees trimmed along the four lanes on Thursday.  Jon Newberry, Bill McAfee and I worked most of the morning trying to get this completed before winter.  If we have volunteers to assist we will welcome the help.

Saturday October 23rd I was invited to a breakfast with the Governor.  Mr. McAfee, Mr. Webster and his wife Margaret, my wife and I all represented Belpre at this event.

The week of October 25th through the 29th is designated as Red Ribbon Week.  This hopefully will bring support for a drug free environment in Washington County.  An undercover officer from the state, Cathy Harper from Right Path and I held an assembly this morning with 5th and 6th graders where I read a proclamation prepared by the city.

O.D.O.T. is assisting me in preparation of the Safe Paths to Schools Grant.  This grant will hopefully add sidewalks the entire length of Rockland Avenue and replace almost nonexistent sidewalks in the area of the High School.  This will also add new or new and improved signage and warnings in the school zones.  In this application I did not add the Safety-Officer due to the economy.  We decided to do the material things at this point and then reapply next year for the second phase.  Council, I have a resolution allowing us to submit our plan; tonight I need you to authorize us to submit our application.

Safety-Service Director Mr. Ferguson began his report by asking everyone to take a moment of silence in remembrance of the tragedy that we had in our city this past week.

On December 13th, 2010 will be Student Government Night for our High School Seniors.

Mr. Ferguson announced that Mr. Webster would be doing research on the Blennerhassett Island agreement.

City Auditor Miss Pittenger announced that before you tonight are some worksheets that I have prepared so that you can see how the city is doing.  Listed are the Funds for both Revenue and Expenses of our city.  Then there is a worksheet for Expenses versus Revenue and finally Operating Funds for Income Tax Collection.  The total amount of tax collected for 2010 through 09/30/2010 is $846,049.81.

City Law Director Mr. Webster stated that he has been working both on the burning issue and longevity pay.  Mr. Webster spoke briefly about the Suddenlink issue.  He stated that nothing will happen on our end.  He also stated that Intelos considered that some municipalities are doing more with city right-of-ways.  This is a way to gain revenue for our city.

Treasurer Mr. McAfee stated that a copy of the September’s Treasurer’s Report is before you tonight and is awaiting council approval.  Mr. Baker made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.


Communications and Petitions


Mr. Neff announced the following:

  1. Veteran Day celebration will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 8:15 a.m. in the high school gym on the Belpre High School Campus.  There will be a short program including music and a speaker followed by a breakfast reception for our veterans and their guest.  Please R.S.V.P. by Friday, November 5, 2010.
  2. On your desk tonight is a copy of Ordinance #16, 2002-2003 regarding Longevity Pay for your review.
  3. Mr. Neff assigned the Safe Routes to School Projects Funds to Finance/Audit Committee.
  4. Mr. Neff assigned the Blennerhassett Island Agreement to Mr. Martin’s Recreation Committee.


Report of Standing Committee:


Ms. Abdella reported that Finance/Audit Committee met Wednesday October 20th, 2010 for the purpose of discussing Longevity Pay. Those in attendance were Mike Lorentz,
Dave Ferguson, Bill McAfee, Susan Abdella, Linda Boso, Larry Martin, and Eric Sinnett
The first to be discussed was longevity for elected officials.
It was decided that no longevity should be paid to elected officials. We do believe this should include appointed individuals such as The Council Clerk and Safety Service Director. This should not include the Police and Fire Chief at this time.
Basically everyone was not on the manpower.
There will be continuing discussion on longevity for the remainder of the workforce.

At this time Miss Abdella made a motion to add to tonight’s agenda A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND/OR SAFETY-SERVICE DIRECTOR TO APPLY FOR SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROJECTS FUNDS.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Mr. Baker, Police and Fire Committee remarked on the outstanding job performed by those serving our city.

Mrs. Marshall, Streets, Sidewalks and Storm Sewers also remarked on the outstanding job performed by all those servicing our city.

Mr. Robinson had no report for the Utilities Committee.  Mr. Robinson “dittoed the remarks.”

Mr. Martin, Parks and Recreation Committee, was absent.  No report was given in his absence.

Mrs. Boso, Planning and Zoning Committee had no report.  Mrs. Boso did state that the Public Meeting would be held at 7:00 p.m. prior to the next meeting of council to discuss rezoning.

Mrs. Boso had no report for Economic Development. 

Mr. Sinnett, Rules Committee reported that his committee met prior to this evening’s meeting at 1900 hours to discuss a new Burning Ordinance.  Committee members present were Mr. Baker, Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Sinnett.  Also present were Mrs. Boso, Miss Abdella, and Mr. Neff.  After discussion a couple of additions were made.  The law director advised to make the corrections and submit this to the Ohio EPA for their blessing.  All present were in agreement.  Meeting was closed at 1923 hours.

Persons Appearing Before Council – Agenda items only.  None 

Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:

Ms. Abdella made a motion to suspend the rule of council requiring reading of this resolution on three different days to allow the first, second and third readings of A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND/OR SAFETY-SERVICE DIRECTOR TO APPLY FOR SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROJECTS FUNDS.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Ms. Abdella brought before council for first, second and third readings A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND/OR SAFETY-SERVICE DIRECTOR TO APPLY FOR SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROJECTS FUNDS.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye. 

Ms. Abdella moved this be Resolution #24, 2010-2011 and duly passed.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.

Persons Appearing Before Council:


Larry Haymans, Belpre asked them to explain Longevity Pay.  Miss Pittenger gave a brief explanation of Longevity Pay.

Mr. Baker made a motion to excuse Mr. Martin from this evenings meeting.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.



Mr. Robinson made a motion to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  A vote was taken with all members of council present voting aye.